Lake Country Wind Energy announced today that it has selected REPower’s MM92 turbine for its first 40 megawatt phase. The 40 megawatt phase will consist of 20 MM92 turbines each rated at 2.05 megawatts with a 100 meter hub height.

"REpower Turbine"

This is REPower's MM92, 2.05 megawatt wind turbine

This will be REPower’s first wind turbine order for Minnesota and it helps advance the construction of the 40 megawatt phase to late 2010.

This will be the start of the largest community-owned wind farm in central Minnesota (Meeker and Kandiyohi Counties). Lake Country Wind Energy along with managing partner, National Wind, plans to develop additional wind projects up to 340 megawatts over the next several years.

View the press release here.