Today concludes the last official day of AWEA’s Wind Power 2009 Conference. The day began with a 5k run to support AWEA’s Educational Scholarship Program, and will end with a closing cocktail. The conference, which shattered AWEA records with more than 22,000 people in attendance, featured scores of informational workshops, networking opportunities, and talks from giants in the wind industry such as T. Boone Pickens.

The proposed National Renewable Energy Standard (RES) of 25% renewable energy by 2025 was on everyone’s mind at the conference. A National RES would catalyze forthcoming wind development projects by providing the financial and political incentives necessary to develop large quantities of wind. Furthermore, it would create massive quantities of green jobs- 297,000 according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

AWEA conference attendances remained optimistic that the bill would pass. “We’re going to have an energy plan for America, I can promise you that,” T. Boone Pickens announced. “When the American people want something, it’s going to happen.” The Vice President of Renewable Energy for GE Energy, Vic Abate, voiced similar sentiments. “The next 10-12 months will [set the tone] for the next 10-12 years.” As National Wind Employees head home today, it is clear that one thing will be on their minds – it sure is an exciting time to be in the wind industry.