Since the 1980s wind turbine technology has taken on a whole new meaning. This brings out the best of the best for innovative wind turbine design from companies all around the world. Leading the pack are three major companies that not only provide state of the art design and the best equipment available, but have the most megawatts of energy installed in worldwide.

GE Energy
is number one when it comes to installed capacity. In 2007 they installed 2,342 MW and 1,561 turbines. GE is also known for building the first steam turbine in 1901. Today they have over 10,000 wind turbines representing over a million megawatts of installed capacity in 120 countries.

ranks number two behind GE Energy, with 953 MW and 537 turbines installed in 2007. Vestas began production in 1979 and has grown into one of the most prominent wind turbine manufacturers in the world. As much as 12,000 barrels of oil would be needed to match the annual energy production of a Vestas 3.0 MW wind turbine. If there is any good indicator of the growth of the wind energy industry, Vestas has it: Vestas installs a turbine every four hours globally! It’s no secret that this company is moving and shaking its way to the top of the wind world!

is nipping at the heels of our top two with an impressive 863 MW and 375 turbines installed in 2007. Siemens maintains its individuality by being known as the preferred solution for large and demanding on- and off-shore projects. Siemens began developing competitive designs for turbines in 1980. With eight worldwide locations including a manufacturing facility in Fort Madison, IA, Siemens is increasingly making its name known in the wind world.

There you have it: GE, Vestas, and Siemens world renowned companies and three of the top wind turbine manufacturers.