Continuing our look at top turbine manufacturers, here are five more incredible companies that by no means can be overlooked when it comes to wind turbines. While they may not be the top three on our list, they certainly are significant players in turbine manufacturing. Each company brings its own innovation and creative flair to designing the equipment used to help us create a cleaner energy source. Scattered throughout the world are our fabulous five that are helping fill the orders to meet the ever expanding need for wind turbines.

Gamesa comes in at a cool fourth place with over 13,000 MW installed capacity in 20 different countries. Gamesa has its own extensive design and technological development capability for wind turbines, as well as the largest integral production capacity. They set up their first wind unit facility in 1994, and have made tremendous strides in becoming one of the world’s top turbine producers. In 2007, Gamesa installed 484 MW and 242 turbines.

Mitsubishi Power Systems’ headquarters are located in Lake Mary, Florida. They are best known for their innovative alternatives to traditional turbine models. This includes, lightweight blades with full span pitch control and optimum blade profile, as well as advanced noise reduction technology for the blade and gearbox components. It comes as no surprise that 356 1-MW Mitsubishi turbines (356 MW) were installed in 2007.

Suzlon slides into sixth place with 197 MW and 97 turbines installed in 2007. Suzlon has the greatest market share in the US of any Asian wind turbine manufacturer. Suzlon is 13-years-old and has focused efforts on making wind turbines more reliable by consistently delivering availability rates that beat the global standards by 95% on average.

Clipper, lucky number seven, incorporated in 2007 in the state of Delaware. Clipper houses state of the art technology including their patented distributed generation powertrain, generators and power electronics. The Liberty turbine has four patented megaflux permanent magnet generators, patented quantum drive distributed powertrain, and patented variable speed technology.

Nordex is great at number eight, and is proud to say that they manufacture hot- and cold-climate models that are specifically designed to withstand extreme desert and permafrost conditions. They began in 1985 and by 1987 they had produced the world’s largest series wind turbine of 250 kW. Thirteen years later they claimed fame again by developing the first wind turbine with the capacity of 2.5 megawatts in 2000. As of July 2007, Nordex has the total worldwide installed capacity of 423,565 MW.