High Country Energy is pleased to announce that two respected community members will be joining their Advisory Board. John Meyer of Stewartville and Lisa Heggedhal of Hayfield will help ensure that the project stays in touch with local intrests and ideas. Both hold a passion for community involvement, as well this renewable resource, making them a valuble asset to the High Country community development model.

Check out this press release for more details on the new members!:

Two Local Community Members Join the Advisory Board of High Country Energy

Kasson, Minnesota – October 20th, 2008 – Two new faces join High Country Energy’s advisory board, providing fresh insight into the development of its wind farm. The High Country Energy members elected to the board are John Meyer of Stewartville and Lisa Heggedahl of Hayfield. High Country Energy’s board of advisors is an important part of the community development model. Their role is to help ensure that the project stays in touch with local interests and ideas. Landowners participating in the project elect the new members.

“As a community-based development, we want to provide as many opportunities as possible for local landowners to participate in the development process and have their voices heard,” says Mark Lucas, Vice-President of National Wind. “Each year a few new members will be elected to the advisory board and others will rotate off. Lisa and John are respected community members and will deliver a fresh perspective on what’s important to those involved in our project. We value local representation and the community’s input, and we’re proud to incorporate it as part of our business structure.”

Meyer and Heggedahl were preceded by Larry Larson and Kevin Green, two of High Country’s original founders. Green and Larson stepped down from their board positions after a year of service.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of High Country Energy’s advisory board,” says Heggedahl. “As a board member, I have the opportunity to represent the community as a whole so that they can play an important part in the development process. I’m in a great position to help guide this project in a direction that best suits the community, and that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

“The wind industry is going to play a steadily growing and critically essential role in our country’s newfound trek toward energy independence,” says Meyer. “There are currently many developments going up across our state, and because of the premium wind resource found here, there will be many more. I’m pleased to take an active role in helping make High Country Energy a successful wind project for our community. No other development in our area provides landowners with an opportunity for local ownership in the project and a means for a local landowner advisory voice as an integral contribution in the development of the project. I’m looking forward to personally being involved and working with all the board members, community landowners, and investors on High Country Energy’s activities.”