April 25, 2008

Dakota Wind Energy announces today that two on-site meteorological towers were installed for the state’s first large-scale community-based wind development. Both wind towers are located in Marshall County. Ongoing wind data will be collected from these towers to accurately assess the wind regime in the area. A minimum of one year of continuous, on-site, wind data is needed for effective site evaluation and wind turbine placement.

“Since Dakota Wind’s formation several months ago, we have seen many exciting development activities play out, and this is one of them,” says Don Erickson, a South Dakota landowner and Dakota Wind Energy board member. “As a community-based wind company, landowners have the chance to participatein various stages of the development process, and have a ownership interest in the company. We are proud of the progress we are making, and each step is a building block toward a wind development that will provide a great economic resource for the community.” Dakota Wind Energy was formed earlier this year, when National Wind, the developer and co-owner of this project, partnered with a group of local landowners. These landowners, along with National Wind, have worked together to capitalize this project and began project development.

National Wind Assessments, based in Grand Forks, ND, the recognized leader in wind resource analysis, completed the meteorological installations. National Wind Assessments is the wind analysis division of National Wind. National Wind Assessments will install a 3rd meteorological tower for Dakota Wind Energy, in the near future.“Specific-on-site wind data is needed to help determine the best turbine locations for commercial wind energy production,” says Kevin Romuld, President on National Wind Assessments. “This data helps provide a complete picture of the impact a new wind farm might have on the surrounding terrain, before it is built,” says Romuld.

Over the last several months, Dakota Wind Energy held meetings in Eden, Britton, and Peever,
to introduce the Dakota Wind Energy project to the community. Over 300 landowners attended the meetings along with area legislators.

“The meetings proved to be successful and showed the community’s and the legislators’ strong support for the project,” says Curtis Samson, a South Dakota landowner and a Dakota Wind Energy Board Member. “People are definitely very receptive to our community ownership model. Landowners have the chance to have their voices heard and take part in a project that is a once in-a lifetime opportunity.”