October 9, 2007

National Wind, LLC announces today that it has acquired Romuld Wind Consulting LLC, an experienced wind resource assessment and energy analysis firm, headquartered in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Renamed National Wind Assessments, this new division will serve as the cornerstone of National Wind’s service offering, working with external customers and performing services for National Wind’s existing development projects.

“The addition of Romuld Wind Consulting is a great opportunity to further build our business toward a single source entity that can seamlessly provide the services needed to create utility-scale (50 megawatts plus) wind projects,” says Leon Steinberg, National Wind’s CEO. “Experienced wind energy assessment experts, like Romuld, are a rare commodity. The rapid growth in wind energy has created a shortage of experienced service providers in some key areas, such as wind energy assessment. We have secured this scarce resource for our projects and those of our customers. “

Kevin Romuld, founder of Romuld Wind Consulting LLC, joins National Wind as vice president. Romuld will lead National Wind’s energy assessment division. Romuld has extensive experience in data acquisition, wind farm planning and energy assessment.

He has consulted or led consulting teams on over 50 wind projects across the United States and Canada. He has technical experience in wind flow modeling and assessment, teaching over a dozen training courses in North America.

“I am excited to be part of National Wind, one of the wind industry’s fastest growing companies,” says Romuld. “We are committed to providing all of the resources required to better serve our existing customers and to expand our services.”