January 11, 2008

National Wind Assessments, a wind resource assessment and met tower installation and monitoring firm, announces today the addition of four employees and the opening of a new office at the Corporate Center in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota. The added staff and new office location will help the company meet its rising external customer demand for wind services. Fred Romuld and Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken, join the Grand Forks location.

Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken is a graduate meteorologist and mechanical engineer and will serve as a senior wind analyst. She has conducted wind resource assessments on over 100 projects and has taught six courses on wind assessment. Fred Romuld is a graduate mechanical engineer with an extensive construction background. Romuld has analyzed wind data and supervised the erection of meteorological towers in seven states and Canada. Two additional employees were added to National Wind Assessment’s Minneapolis location, Ryan Jakubov, a graduate meteorologist and wind analyst and Ben Ransom, a renewable energy business analyst.

“With the addition of Debbie, Fred, Ryan, and Ben, we are one of the larger wind assessment firms in the region and provide services for met tower installation and wind resource assessments,” says Kevin Romuld, President of National Wind Assessments. “Our wind assessment business is growing rapidly and with a new office and experienced staff, we have the resources necessary to properly service our clients.”

“In a relatively new, yet rapidly growing industry, Fred Romuld and Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken, have widespread experience in wind data acquisition, wind farm planning and energy assessment,” says Romuld. “Also, they both have broad technical experience in wind flow modeling and assessment software.”

“I am excited to join National Wind Assessments. I enjoy the people I will be working with and their customer focus,” says Debbie Jacklitch-Kuiken. “This new position will allow me to get involved in every aspect of the wind assessment process. National Wind Assessments installs meteorological towers, collects wind data, assesses power output, consults on turbine selection and prepares wind farm layout and design”.

National Wind Assessments, performs its services on a national basis, but concentrates its efforts in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming. The company has performed assessment services for some of the nation’s largest and most complex projects.