February 14, 2008

National Wind, LLC announces it has hired ten additional employees to help develop several community-based wind projects in North and South Dakota. Additional help is needed due to the high volume of interest and demand for community wind projects in the area. Five employees join the North and South Dakota team, Charlie Kraemer, Mark Hausman, Pete Karlsson, Fred Romuld, and Debbie Jacklitch and five people join National Wind’s Minneapolis office, Katie Clark, Ben Kerl, Ben Ransom, Julie Kallemeyn, and Valida Prentice.

National Wind plans to announce new North and South Dakota wind developments within the next 60 to 90 days. Also, the company recently announced the capitalization of the first large-scale community-based project in South Dakota, Dakota Wind Energy, LLC, in Roberts, Marshall, and Day Counties.

“North and South Dakota combined have the greatest wind potential in the country,” says Charlie Kraemer, a field specialist in South Dakota. Kraemer is known in the South Dakota region for his community efforts as an Economic Development Director for Oakes Enhancement, Inc. “Both states also have a large contingent of agricultural producers who are strongly community-oriented and knowledgeable about wind energy. I am excited to work closely with these landowners to coordinate new wind projects.”

National Wind’s approach to developing Dakota Wind Energy and other community wind projects is different than most “traditional” developers. The community “owns” the project and shares in the long- term benefits.

“Our community wind model is becoming popular in North and South Dakota,” says Jack Levi, co-chair of National Wind. “Landowners are calling us to inquire about new projects, realizing that we are a local, Minneapolis-based wind developer and that the profits from our projects remain in the community. Our new staff will give us the capabilities to better facilitate new development efforts in these states.”

National Wind’s development plans include adding 2,000 megawatts (MW) of new community wind projects across North and South Dakota over the next year. This is in addition to the 1,000 MW under development in that region at this time. The company is also looking at expansion opportunities in Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming and Montana.