October, 2007

M-Power, LLC announced that it has secured the wind rights necessary to develop the first phase of its community-owned wind energy project in eastern Griggs and western Steele counties. The first phase of the project will be located on 32 sections of agricultural land and will consist of 150 megawatts (MW). The footprint of the first wind farm would involve over 90 landowners. M-Power is the largest community-owned wind energy development in North Dakota. Following this first phase of the project, M-Power will develop additional phases, eventually expanding between 380 to 500 megawatts. M-Power is in advanced negotiations with two major utilities to utilize the power output of the first phase of the project.

M-Power, LLC was formed in September of 2006, by the Griggs-Steele Empowerment Zone, Inc. (“GSEZ”) and the Griggs/Steele Wind Development Group, LLC (“GSWDG”). Subsequently, 25 community members invested their own capital to finance the initial portion of the project development costs.

“The main objective of M-Power, LLC is to retain more of the wind project’s economic benefits for the local area,” says Keith Monson, President of M-Power. “We want to share the economic benefits of this wind energy project with as many landowners and local investors as we can. All of the landowners in the footprint who have signed wind options have been awarded shares in M-Power.”

The community-based approach to wind energy projects has seen a strong growth trend over the last year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. North Dakota is capable of supplying 1.2 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of annual electricity, which is 14,000 times the electricity consumption in the state. The first phase of M-Power’s first project alone could provide enough electricity to power nearly 44,000 homes, displacing nearly 400 tons of greenhouse gases. “

North Dakota is the Saudi Arabia of wind. This new project is a significant step forward in our effort to harness that power to boost North Dakota’s energy portfolio and help our nation tap into its own resources,” Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) said. “This is an important addition to our state’s Energy Corridor, but it is even more exciting to see a large wind development that is owned by our family farmers and other community members. That will provide an economic boost to Finley and the surrounding region.” National Wind is serving as project co-developer and consultant.

National Wind is the nation’s leading developer of “utility scale” (50 MW or more) community wind projects. About M-Power, LLC: M-Power, LLC, headquartered in Finley, North Dakota, was formed specifically for the development community-owned wind project up to at least 400
megawatts (MW’s), located in Griggs and Steele Counties, North Dakota. The local community’s financial strength stands behind M-Power, with the objective of keeping a substantial amount of the project’s economic benefits in the community.