September, 2007

National Wind, LLC announces its partnership with the community to form and capitalize High Country Energy, LLC. When completed, it will be the largest community- owned (C-BED) wind energy project in Minnesota and in the country. National Wind will manage the development and construction of High Country Energy’s 300 megawatt (MW) wind farm located in Minnesota’s eastern Dodge and western Olmsted counties. High Country Energy, LLC was formed by National Wind in partnership with seven members of the community that invested in the project, including, Barry Rogne, Bryant Hokeness, Dan Hoffman, Eric Lee, Ken Binkley, Kevin Green and Larry Larson. These individuals have the foresight to understand what this project means to their community.

“We are grateful to the community for their strong local support of this project and to the local landowners who have decided to partner with us,” said Pat Pelstring, co-founder and chairperson of National Wind. “This is a ground-breaking community-owned project because it compares in size to some of the nation’s largest utility projects.”
This allows the project to take advantage of economies of scale not normally available to community-owned projects. It is owned by the local community with significant financial returns for the local community.”

Minnesota has created incentives to promote community-based energy developments through the New Generation Energy Act of 2007. National Wind supports this effort with a unique landowner-based development model designed for larger scale projects. The High Country Energy project is expected to qualify for C-BED status, meaning it is owned by Minnesota residents and that 51 percent of the profits are returned to the Minnesota community members over the life of the project. The wind farm will also be utilized to help meet Minnesota’s mandate for 25 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2025.

“I’m proud to partner with National Wind because they are truly committed to local ownership of wind projects,” said Barry Rogne, chairman of the High Country Energy, LLC, members Advisory Board. “They are an experienced wind energy developer and offer the guidance we need to make this project an overall success. I have directly participated in the development process and look forward to the positive impact the project will have on our local economy.”