March 14, 2008

High Country Energy, LLC, and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPSC), a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE: TEG), announced today that WPSC has signed a letter of intent to acquire a 150 Megawatt (MW) portion of the High Country wind project. The High Country Wind Energy Park, located in Dodge and Olmsted Counties, Minnesota, is planned to include a total of over 300MW?s.

“This development and sale of the first phase of the High Country Energy project is a very positive opportunity for our local community,” says Patrick Pelstring, co-chair of National Wind. National Wind is a minority owner and the managing member of High Country. “We are excited to work with a successful and respected utility such as WPSC on this project. A sale of a portion of this project helps diversify High Country Energy?s income stream and adds to the overall scale of the project, making it more competitive. The majority of the proceeds from the sale will remain within the community.”

WPSC expects to complete construction on the project in a timeframe coinciding with the timeline set by the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) for transmitting the electricity.

“With the increases in renewable energy in our region, we have to be „in line? at MISO to get our energy into the system,” said WPSC General Manager for renewable resources, Charlie Severance. “In partnership with High Country, we are planning to immediately initiate the permitting and transmission processes.”

“We anticipate we will have the answers we need in the next two years and construction will start once the interconnection schedule is firmed up.”

National Wind, LLC partnered with the community to form and capitalize High Country Energy, LLC early in 2007. This project sale is only one part of High Country Energy?s project portfolio, which will consist of additional phases that will be developed in the coming years. Additional phases are expected to be developed and financed by High Country so the community can realize the additional long-term economic benefits of a wind development.

“At WPSC, we are committed to the communities we serve and dedicated to helping them improve their local economies,” says Severance. “For this reason, we are excited to work closely with High Country Energy and the local landowners, helping them build an economically viable project for their community. The wind power generated from this project will help us secure an important competitive and efficient energy resource for our growing customer base in Wisconsin.”

The High Country Energy Wind Park is situated on more than 70 square miles of agricultural land in Eastern Dodge and western Olmsted County, near the border of the two counties. As proposed, this first phase will include an estimated 100 turbines, providing up to 150 MW?s of capacity, or enough energy to power 44,000 homes. The energy from this first project phase will be delivered to WPSC?s service territory, consisting of a large portion of northeast and central Wisconsin and a small part of Upper Michigan.